Manual-printers Environmental Policy

Our promise at is to offer you the best online printing experience in the UK. 

However, we don’t sacrifice our environmental responsibilities to achieve this. 

Every company makes its own choices about conducting its business in society and interacting with its environment.

At Manual Printers, we care for our planet – we see how beautiful the world is. Also, we know we are only looking after this planet for a few years till further generations have their turn. That’s why we offer environmentally friendly printing using FSC approved paper. Having a clear environmental policy that we adhere to throughout our business model is also very important to us.

We also want to preserve nature and, with these beliefs, make conscious decisions about how we run our business. Making sure we are an environmentally-friendly printing company.

Many companies will have great Marketers or “Story Tellers” telling everyone how great they are. However, we don’t make promises that we can’t keep. We do everything we can to look after our clients and offer cost-effective printing solutions without “selling our soul” for profit.

We are an environmentally friendly printing company that is always looking at new ideas to reduce our carbon footprint without sacrificing quality.

Recycled paper 

Keith Cooper, our Financial Director, and Ashley Halligan, Operations Director, are always looking for sustainable paper alternatives.

We use FSC approved paper; this is a paper stock that we use that has been harvested responsibly. 

FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. This is an independent non-governmental organisation that promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests. 

You can learn more about FSC here. You can also find out more about paper and the environment on the Two Sides website here.

Unless a high end 100% recycled paper stock is bought, there is more wastage due to issues printing. The colours are also not as vibrant, meaning that the result is not as sharp as the FSC approved paper.

The best 100% recycled paper has to be bought in from abroad in smaller amounts, meaning that the environmental footprint is larger than the FSC approved paper. We feel that this defeats the point of reducing a carbon footprint. It can be a good thing to brag about. However, it is a false economy in many (not all) cases.

Global Warming

Global warming is happening, and at Manual Printers, we adopt a Common sense approach to our environmental policy rather than “Talking the talk and not walking the walk.


We recycle as much wastage as we can at our online printing plant, based in Bracknell, Berkshire. If something is not transformed into a printed product, empty toner bottles, empty tins of ink, excess wastage, it is all sorted and recycled appropriately.

We regularly make offcuts or non-printed waste up into scrapbooks for local schools or charities.

Manual Printers can transform leftovers into something useful with recycling techniques, and that’s our aim.

Biodegradable Laminate

Plastics are harmful to the environment; however, laminated print products are extremely popular in 2021. The impact of plastic has become damaging to our society. We have introduced a biodegradable lamination film to our product line.

Environmentally Friendly PVC Banner Material

We will shortly be introducing a bio-degradable vinyl banner material for all of our PVC banners. This will be great for the environment. It’s 100% environmentally friendly and an excellent product with no price increases or compromised quality.

Environmental Policy

Bracknell Print Room Limited, Trading as “Manual Printers” as a specialist Company having recognised responsibility for environmental matters, place a particularly high priority on environmental affairs with regard to Company operations. And to the range of services offered to customers. The Company operates a policy of effecting continual improvement and change in accordance with developing knowledge and changing environmental requirements.

Bracknell Print Room’s staff are aware of the environmental sensitivity of the business sector in which the Company operates. We will seek to continually develop the Company environmental compliance. Due to the need for continual improvement. It can never be possible to detail fully the Company environmental activities. But the following specific objectives form the basis of the Company Policy.

Environmental Policy – Company Operations 

All Company operations must be carried out with due regard to all appropriate and relevant Legislation and Regulatory considerations.
The Company will continue to make available resources to ensure that suppliers and customers are made fully aware of their environmental, legislative responsibilities and related activities.

The Company will take whatever measures may be necessary to ensure that the collection, transportation, storage, recycling, reclamation and disposal of waste do not become hazardous to public health or the environment.

Environmental Policy – Waste

The Company will only use disposal facilities where the level of operational control and environmental compliance is deemed to be of a suitable level. And represents responsible Waste Management. This, therefore, means that not all appropriately licensed disposal facilities will satisfy the standards required by The Company.
The Company will ensure that vehicles and equipment used are well maintained They will be clean and are always operated within legal limits.

Taking advantage wherever possible of engineering modifications to reduce pollution and emissions.

And to save unnecessary consumption of energy. The Company operates a continual training programme to ensure that staff keeps up-to-date on the safe handling and disposal of all types of waste.

Environmental Policy – Company Updates

The Company constantly updates is knowledge and ability to satisfy the increasing need to obtain positive benefits from the volumes of material that come under the Company’s control.which means that the issue of recycling, waste minimisation, waste to energy and the most environmentally appropriate disposal options are continually assessed and reviewed.
The Environmental Policy of Bracknell Print Room Ltd is one of continual review. And is subject therefore to frequent review and development. The Company’s continued environmental responsibility is judged by its ever-widening customer base and the Public in general. while being driven enthusiastically by the Managing Director through the management structure.

Environmental Policy – Recycling

As a specialist company, the environment is a particularly high priority in our operation. We:
Recycle/re-use, particularly toner cartridges and paper.
Turn off equipment, lights, heating when not in use.


Plan deliveries to minimise fuel consumption. Maintain vehicles, modifying where possible to reduce emissions. Request drivers drive responsibly.

Comply with up to date with legislation.

Use registered waste management companies.

We continually monitor and review methods of working to ensure we make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint and be as environmentally friendly as possible.


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