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Upsell Customers At The Counter With A Point Of Sale (POS) Product.
‘Point of sale’ is an effective strategy in obtaining more money by upselling a customer at the counter, encouraging them to purchase additional items – out of impulse. Carrying out the method in displaying point of sale products will not only influence consumers to buy your goods but it will also make your brand stand out from the crowd. It is important to remember that to make the most of utilising point of sale, you must ensure to display only the best products that appeal to your target audience.

At More Than Just Print we can assist in creating effective high-quality point of sale materials catered to your brand with the option to upload your artwork.
Supplying your own artwork?
Our in-house graphic designers can work from a brief or a complete design. Simply, supply us your artwork, and we can print directly from your file. Our experts are committed to providing you with precisely what you are after quickly and efficiently. For a detailed description of how to set up your artwork, please refer to our Artwork Setup Guides. To ensure that your artwork is print-ready.
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