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Fabric Displays

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We are a UK leader in Fabric Display Stands and Printed Furniture
Light, portable and perfect for your exhibition, trade show or retail unit. A newer alternative to magnetic pop-up stands our Fabric Display Stands are light. They are also portable. The graphics are sharp and bright.
Fabric displays offer advantages over rigid stands. Fabric Display graphics are printed in one piece at large sizes. Easy to transport, foldable and rollable. They are also easy to assemble and disassemble. All stands come with their own carry cases.

Fabric displays do not have seems or joins and can be washed to keep clean. Many Styles are available online. Great as backdrops and with a matt finish they do not glare. This makes them good for photographers and filming projects.
Have a look at our Barcelona pop-up kiosk for retail events or the ever-popular Oslo stand, which can hold both a TV and an iPad. Look at the booths that can create private spaces in any office.
These stands look stunning in any space including shops and other retail spaces. They really stand out at trade shows and exhibitions. Use them to promote to your brand or product.