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Important Delivery Update

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Important Delivery Update

Important Delivery Update

The HGV driver shortage and fuel shortages, and significant volume increases have had a detrimental effect on many courier depots within the UK delivery networks. This has caused a backlog of consignments which depots are working hard to clear. However, delivery and response times are not as expected.

Our network of delivery and couriers are working hard to manage the delays. Although due to the volume, this is affecting our ability to gain information and ensure instructions are acted upon quickly.

Delivery networks are drafting additional drivers and organising works on the weekend to manage and reduce the backlog, but this is expected to take some time.

We expect these delays to possibly be compounded by the impending peak season due 1st November. This period will see a considerable spike in consignments due to seasonal sales. We request you consider this when making bookings for consignments.

Please be aware of possible delays and do send consignments with as much advance notice as possible. Delays are not guaranteed, but it is challenging to give a warning for specific areas. Therefore we wish you to be aware of the current situation.

If you have very urgent consignments, please consider the options and notify our team. We can then guide you to the best options and associated costs.

We always utilise market-leading companies for services as we believe they are better equipped to manage any eventuality.

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