Paper Sizes Explained. A Class Paper sizes are the industry standard for most European countries. The A-Class is an International standard, so an A4 size will always be the same size wherever you are in the world.

A Class paper sizes have a unique ratio of height and length. If you fold one size in half lengthways it will be the same size as the A Size below.

paper size guide

So fold an A3 size piece of paper in half and it will now be A4. Do this again and the size will now become A5.

A Paper Sizes

A0 – 841mm x 1189mm
A1 – 594mm x 841mm
A2 – 420mm x 594mm
A3 – 297mm x 420mm
A4 – 210mm x 297mm
A5 – 148mm x 210mm
A6 – 105mm x 148mm

There are other sizes used in the UK that are popular.

This is basically the size of an A4 split into three rows. DL is 210mm x 99mm, which is the size of a standard compliment slip.

Business Cards
The UK standard size for business cards is 85mm x 55mm, however, this is not a strict guideline to follow. Business cards can be squared or follow the US standard size which is 90mm x 50mm.

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