Corporate Gift Ideas for Christmas 2023

Halloween has been, and leaves are starting to drop. That can only mean one thing – Christmas is coming! Christmas is a great time of year to remind both your staff and your customers that they are valued. Whatever your industry and budget, there is a range of gifts that will be gratefully received by your staff and customers alike.

Why buy corporate gifts this Christmas?

The last couple of years have been strange, and there’s no better time than this Christmas to reward your clients for their business and your staff for their hard work, especially during these trying times. After all, where would your business be without your clients and staff?

Investing in gifts for your staff or valued clients is a great way to show them just how appreciated they are. Even the smallest token gift can go a long way in showcasing your appreciation.

Why buy gifts for clients?

The benefits of buying gifts for clients are never-ending. Not only is it a great way to express your gratitude to large clients, but businesses could also use the most magical time of year to reengage customers that haven’t come back for a while. The simple act of sending a greeting card and small gift to clients who have disappeared over time will remind them that you are still there and show that you care.

Why buy gifts for staff?

Staff can sometimes feel like just a number, especially in large companies with hundreds of employees. By sending them a gift, even if it’s small, they will feel valued by the company. Gifting staff will help them to see the company in a more positive light, and this can help improve employee retention and motivation in the future.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a classic corporate Christmas choice. Printed greeting cards can be easily customised with your company’s branding and are the ideal accompaniment to gift cards for staff or to post out to clients this Christmas.

Sending Christmas greeting cards to clients

Sending a Christmas card to a client or customer is a great way to build up brand recognition and remind customers that you are still there and care about them. A greeting card doesn’t aim to get your clients to make another purchase or booking immediately but instead brings your business to the forefront of their minds for the year ahead.

A lot of businesses had to close or reduce their capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic, and if this affected your business this year, a greeting card through the door could remind your past customers that you are open and raring to go.

Clients might even display your greeting card in their homes, especially if it is either gorgeous to look at or has a humorous touch. If your clients do this, you will reach even more people, as every visitor they have over the Christmas period will see it too.

Sending Christmas greeting cards to staff

The pandemic has sped up the transition to remote working, and more people than ever are working from the comfort of their homes. Say Merry Christmas to your remote workers with a personalised greeting card dropped through their letterbox to make them feel appreciated by the company. Include a gift voucher to really show the love!


Alcohol is a classic Christmas gift. From wine to beer, whiskey to prosecco, there is a range of ways that you can show clients and staff your appreciation. If you don’t want to give alcohol itself, you could always opt for things like wine glasses, whiskey stones, and more.

Always be aware, however, of any staff that are under the age of 18 or might not drink for their own reasons.


If your company holds an annual rewards ceremony close to Christmas or just wants to spice up your Christmas party, consider investing in custom-printed certificates. This is a great choice whether you want to offer serious awards for things like the staff member with the highest sales or opt for something more light-hearted, such as the most coffee consumed in a single day.

By printing the certificates on a thick, luxury material (and even possibly opting for decorative foiling!), you will give your award winners something that they will want to keep on display for a long time.

Charitable Donations

Companies who think that a material gift isn’t necessarily appropriate for their clients could donate to charity in the customer’s name. Send them a greeting card or email explaining what they have donated and what this money will help achieve. Pick a charity that shows your company’s values and honours the client’s values too.

Desk Calendars

Not only is a desk calendar handy, but it’s another great way to thank your staff or clients. Whilst most people will immediately consult their mobile phone when they need a calendar, there is still a place for desk calendars in today’s digital world.

You can always get desk calendars in a range of sizes and styles, with plenty of space for branding, photographs, or motivational quotes.

When given to clients and customers, a printed desk calendar is another way that you can keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s minds all year. From a marketing perspective, desk calendars are a cost-effective tool that offers benefits all year round.


Flowers are another popular choice for key clients and hard-working staff members alike. Receiving flowers out of the blue will put a smile on just about anyone’s face, and the simple inclusion of a custom corporate greeting card will make sure that they know exactly who the gift is from.

You can send either traditional bunches of flowers or longer-lasting house plants or succulents. If you want to send small gifts to staff members, businesses can opt for small plants in decorative or branded pots that your staff members can use to brighten up their desks.

Food Baskets

Everyone loves food, and Christmas is a time of indulgence. Food baskets are a timeless Christmas gift, and today there is a range of modern companies offering gourmet and unique food baskets. Just remember to find out any food allergies, intolerances, or lifestyles so that you can send gluten-free, vegan, or milk-free options as appropriate.

Gift Cards

Both clients and staff can be hard to buy for, it’s just one of those things! To save the potential issue of giving someone a gift they can’t benefit from, why not send them a gift card? Whether it’s for coffee, takeaways, or Netflix, popular gift cards can be a win-win. Simply add your gift card or voucher to a branded greeting card and leave the gift on your staff’s desks or drop them through your client’s doors.

If you don’t want to send greeting cards this Christmas, you can always opt for digital greeting cards. Many companies offer digital alternatives to physical cards that you could either send out by email or even text; ideal for staff that you know always shop online!


Top-level executives, huge clients and winners of employee-of-the-year will all love receiving a gift hamper. Fill the hamper with Christmassy food and treats and include branded gifts such as mugs and pens. For a branded feel from the second the gift is opened, consider investing in branded packaging or wrapping the gift box with branded custom ribbons.

Christmas hampers can meet a range of budgets, they don’t have to be incredibly expensive. Whilst most people might immediately think of the large wicker hampers, you could opt for a smaller gift box containing wine, chocolate, and biscuits, for example.

Mugs, Glasses, and Travel Mugs

Promotional mugs have been around for years, and most people will have at least one in their home, and businesses usually have an abundance in their kitchens. People keep hold of corporate mugs because they are free and accessible, and this is something that businesses should take advantage of.

By taking advantage of the fact that people and businesses will keep hold of corporate mugs and glasses for years, not only are you giving them a gift that is useful, but you are also boosting brand awareness without much effort.

If you have staff that need to commute to the office in the morning, gifting them a travel mug not only gives them a practical way to keep their coffee warm in the morning but also gives businesses an added benefit from a marketing perspective. If your staff are travelling by public services with a branded travel mug, countless other people will see it, increasing brand awareness.


Custom pens are a great way to increase brand awareness with clients, but they also can be a way to make your employees feel valued.

For clients, consider investing in branded pens with your logo and tagline on the side. You could even add your business phone number to make getting in touch with you even easier!

For your staff, consider engraved custom pens with their names, or job roles, for example, to make them feel appreciated. Consider premium metal pens in gift boxes for that extra special touch.

Portable Chargers

Portable chargers and charging docks are a great gift idea for staff and clients. Phones are going flat all day, every day, and a portable charger will help combat this. Opt for chargers in your company colours or with your logo engraved to keep your brand in client’s minds all year round.


A subscription gift is a great way to keep up your brand awareness and regularly remind your staff how much they mean to you. Instead of a regular, one-off present, set up a subscription for them. Today, there are companies that offer monthly craft beer boxes, regular chocolate deliveries, monthly flower deliveries, and just about everything else you could dream of. After all, gifts should show that you care about your clients and staff all year round, not just at Christmas.

Corporate Gifting Tips

Regardless of the gift,you are opting for, finish it up with printed branded labels. Simple additions like branded gift stickers or wine bottle labels can make a gift that isn’t strictly branded about your company.

Try to personalise the gifts that you buy for both customers and staff. Make sure that cards have their own names on and consider the likes and hobbies of each individual person. As an example, try to avoid sending wine to an employee that doesn’t drink or a typical box of milk chocolate to the person with the dairy intolerance.

Always watch how much you spend! If you are sending gifts to clients, keep them in proportion with how much that client is worth to your business. If they only spend £200 a year with your business, don’t send them a gift worth more than that.


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