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Each client is unique and even within an organisation, the manual printing requirements can vary greatly. From simply but high volume workbooks through to complex multi-part manuals which are shipped on-demand to locations across the world. We have the experience, staff and technology to to deliver first class manual printing each and every time.

To illustrate this diversity and individuality, here is a selection of manual printing case studies.

pick and pack collated manuals

Pick’n’Pack for a national restaurant chain

A national restaurant chain that provides in-house restaurants to Facilities Management companies in the UK uses the Printroom Group for its unique Pick’n’ Pack service.

The client sends a daily spreadsheet to their Account Manager. Once received the work is booked onto our on-line system and our Fulfilment team fulfils each pack with various items from stock held. Items include Printed New Starter Packs and individual hand-outs which are collated together with Health and Safety books into pre-printed A4 Folders.

Various stationery is also included into the packs and shipped to an average of 7-10 destinations on a daily basis. Tracking information is provided to the client once orders are shipped.

Orders are received by 10am and sent out via courier by 6pm. Delivery is received next day in the various UK destinations.

Training Manual Printing Case Study – Health & Fitness

Our client runs individual on-line training courses in the Health and Fitness sector on a worldwide basis. Orders are typically sent daily requesting one of seven manuals to be sent to individual addresses.

Orders range from 2-15 manuals on a daily basis.

Once orders are received each training manual is individually printed with the clients name on the cover. The Training Manuals are then wire bound and individually packed in Jiffy Bags with the clients order details.

The Training Manuals are sent via overnight courier in the UK and Europe and arrive within 3 days to locations in US/Canada and Australasia.

Once dispatched the client automatically receives tracking information. The recipient receives tracking details via text message in the UK (e-mail for overseas) detailing delivery times.

If the recipient is not available to sign for packages the Training Manuals are left either with a neighbour or in a safe place. Once delivered both the client and recipient are informed via text or e-mail (overseas).

on-demand manual printing for health industry
on-demand manual printing for technology industry client

Training Manual Case Study – Global technology giant

Our client is in the top 3 computer manufacturing companies worldwide. Orders are e-mailed through to Printroom Account Manager throughout the day for various training manuals in different languages. These orders are sent from various trainers across the world

Orders are booked onto our system and printed, bound and packed on the same day.

Our Dispatch team then courier training manuals for a worldwide next day delivery to various destinations.

Training manuals are printed full colour in US Quarto size and are wire bound.

Once dispatched our clients Trainers are sent tracking details for consignments.

Seminar Manual Case Study – Large training provider

Our client holds four large seminars every year. Each delegate is issued with their own seminar manual consisting of over 400 pages. Each manual consists of various bespoke tabbed sections and is printed in full colour.

Over a number of months various pages are sent into Printroom Group where our Pre-Press department gradually build the manual from individual files sent via e-mail and post (USB stick).

Files are sent from each exhibitor at the seminar meaning we handle files in a wide variety of formats including Publisher, PDF, Word and Excel.

Once the manual is built a hard copy proof is sent to the client. Once approved the manuals are printed in full colour, hole punched and placed into 4-ring binders with spines and covers.

Manuals are sent via courier to the venue two days before the event.

large ring binder for seminar